The Only Low Waste Sheet Mask? Really? 

Low Beauty Zero Waste Mask


Yes! A little over two years ago, our founder, Reagan Hart, set out to create the first low waste sheet mask. Reagan created green beauty YouTube videos for a few years and became increasingly aware of the post-consumer waste that products in the beauty industry created. One of her favorite products, single-use sheet masks, were the hardest to recycle. She wanted to create a circular system for her friends, family, and audience to get the immediate glowing effects of a sheet mask without the mask and its wrappings hitting the landfill. 

So, she went to Taiwan and found a team that believed in her visionary idea. Together they created the first green beauty, water-soluble hydrogel mask! The mask is stable at room temperature and dissolves in hot water! The mask comes housed in a prepaid envelope to mail the mask's satchel and wrappings back for easy recycling*. 

Our goal at Low Beauty is to make sustainable self-care accessible to all! That's why we have two mask options, one for those who live in The United States and another for those who live outside of the United States.

*Most city recycling systems cannot recycle satchels. 

Our Founder 


Reagan Hart was born and raised in Kansas. While in college at Kansas State University, she studied Mandarin Chinese. During this time, she discovered green beauty while interning at a green beauty e-Commerce retailer in Shanghai, China. After graduating from university, she moved to Taiwan and learned Mandarin for an intensive year. While in Taiwan, she met her husband and made yet another international move to the Middle East. She never forgot her green beauty roots and continued testing various eco-products while living abroad. Once she moved back to The States, she started her green beauty YouTube channel to share her thoughts on different skincare, haircare, and makeup products. Through her time testing thousands of products, she discovered that there needed to be more circular systems in clean beauty. Both brands and customers need to work together to lessen the beauty community's environmental footprint. In 2019, she returned to Taiwan to create Low Beauty.

"My goal was to create a system that made it easy for everyone to recycle sheet masks! This brand is an ode to my love for dewy skin and my time in The Far East."


 Reagan doing a factory visit in Taiwan.