Ten Things You Didn't Know About Sheet Masks

1. There Are Different Types
Sheet masks aren't just made from one material. There are multiple kinds to pick from microfiber, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, foil, and more!
2. Sheet Masks Were Popularized In South Korea
Sheet masks originate from South Korea. They are used during the elaborate multi-step night routine to deliver maximum hydration.
3. There Is Only ONE Low-Waste Sheet Mask
The only low-waste sheet mask on the market is the hydrogel sheet mask by Low Beauty. The mask itself is water-soluble. It dissolves in hot water and comes packaged in a prepaid envelope to return the mask's satchel and inserts for recycling. 
4. The Sheet Mask Industry is Worth $2 BILLION!
We all know that the beauty industry is a significant economic contributor, but the sheet mask industry alone is worth two billion dollars!
5. Sheet Masks Are Mostly Made of Water
Our bodies are mostly water, and so are sheet masks! Yes, sheet masks have other yummy ingredients, but their watery base makes them perfect for dehydrated skin!
6. Sheet Masks Provide Instant Hydration and Glow
The base of most sheet masks essence formulation is butylene glycol. It is a very gentle ingredient that binds moisture to the skin.
7. These Kinds of Masks Use Fewer Preservatives
Sheet masks are typically housed in a satchel, making them single-use. Due to the nature of their packaging, fewer preservatives are needed to maintain the mask's efficiency. This can also be great for sensitive skin as preservatives can be irritating.
8. Sheet Masks Help The Skin Get A Higher Concentration of Ingredients
The thin consistency of the sheet mask has a smaller molecular structure allowing the solution to be applied topically for a more extended period, increasing absorption.
9. You Can Leave Them On As Long As You Want
Unlike clay-based masks, sheet masks can stay on the skin for a more extended period as they are not drying. 
10. Sheet Masks Can Be Used Everyday Unless They Have THIS Ingredient
Avoid using sheet masks daily that use glycolic and retinol. These ingredients can be irritating to the skin.