How to Face Mask in 5 Minutes

Our skin doesn't always need an hour-long self-care routine. Sometimes all we want is a quick skin pick me up, nothing too complex, just a little added dew and hydration. A five-minute routine will suffice to bring our skin back to balance! Read on to learn how to face mask in five minutes.

Step 1: Remove Makeup

Okay, are you wearing makeup or not? Oil Cleaning is a super quick and easy way to remove makeup. If you are wearing makeup, start with an emulsifying oil cleanser. If you are not, move to step two. The oil cleansers we recommend are One Love Organics Botanical B Cleanser, Fitglow Makeup Cleansing Oil, and Lovinah's Dragon's Blood Vitamin C Cleansing Oil.

Step 2: Cleanse 

Depending on your makeup usage, this is either step 1 or step 2. I prefer a gel cleanser as they tend to cleanse skin the best. Our favorite non-stripping gel cleansers are: One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser, and Double Down Cosmetics The Mix Cleanser. 

 Step 3: Mask 

The easiest and non-messiest way to mask is with a sheet mask. Our favorite is the Low Beauty Hydrating Green Tea Facial Mask. This is a hydrating hydrogel mask rich in glycerin, polysaccharides, and red seaweed. To use, pull the mask out of its pouch, remove the mask covers, and place the hydrogel on your face. Let the mask work its super-fast hydrating powers.

Step 4: Hydrate More! 

After five minutes or more, if you wish, remove the mask and place it in boiling water. The mask will dissolve in minutes! Pour the remaining essence from the mask's pouch into your palm and press it into the skin.

 Step 5: Lock in Hydration  

Lock in the hydration from the essence while your skin is still wet with an oil-based balm. Our favorites are the Honua Mahealani Moonlit Glow Balm, One Love Organics Skin Savior, and Maya Chia Super Blend Pressed Serum. 

Step 6: Recycle Mask

To easily recycle the mask's inserts and pouch, place them into the prepaid envelope. Drop the envelope into your mailbox. 

Enjoy your dewy skin!